I’m Going to Lose 40 Pounds in 90 Days

Yeah, I’m a fast food junkie.   I’m Brad Hildebrand and I eat fast food almost everyday.  It started a long time ago with my visits to one of the first McDonalds in St. Louis.  Since then I’ve eaten THOUSANDS of meals at Mickey D’s and just about every other Fast Food place.  Do I get made fun of you?   You bet.  But do I make fun of you because you eat kale?  Nope.  But people are always taking shots at Fast Food.

Then came this stupid movie “Super Size Me”.   I watched the trailer and thought that it was yet another hit piece on fast foot, and specifically McDonalds.  If I stuffed my face at Whole Foods every day I guarantee I would GAIN weight.   Hey Morgan, it’s all about portion control.  Fast Food restaurants are excellent at portion control   If you don’t stuff your face three times a day you won’t blimp up.   But if you know what to order you can actually LOSE WEIGHT by eating Fast Food.  That’s what this site is all about.   Me eating nothing but Fast Food for 90 days!

BTW, I GAIN weight when I start eating other foods than fast foods.   If I stick with fast food I either maintain or lose weight.   For reals!!!!